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Energy Consulting Services for Commercial, Institutional & Residential Buildings in Massachusetts and the Northeast

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Bales Energy Associates provides energy consulting for buildings and facilities. Bart Bales, principal of the firm, is a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Services offered by BEA include energy-related studies and design services, as well as training workshops for high-performance, energy-efficient mechanical, electrical, and enclosure systems for new and existing buildings.

Bales Energy Associates can provide investment-grade energy audits and renewable energy system studies for commercial and institutional buildings and facilities, as well as energy advising services for residential and multi-family buildings. BEA takes a whole-systems approach to each facility or home, informed by the most current building-science standards.

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Upcoming Bales Energy Associates Heating Workshops


Feb 24 – Albany, NY – Air-Source Heat Pumps, Mini-Splits, and Heat Pump Water Heaters

Apr 20 – Syracuse, NY – Cold Climate Heat Pumps, Pellet Boilers and Other Renewable Thermal Heating Systems

April 21 – Buffalo, NY – Cold Climate Heat Pumps, Pellet Boilers and Other Renewable Thermal Heating

  * Sign up for seminar when posted at Please call 715-835-5900 (HalfMoon Education, Inc.)  for detailed directions.

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Massachusetts Statewide Contract

We Are A Energy And Facility Advisory Under Statewide Contract For Massachusetts

Watch this website for links for future Bales Energy Associates’  “High-Performance, Energy-Efficient, ‘Green’ Heating System Workshops”, ”Cold Climate Heat Pumps, Pellet Boilers & other Renewable Thermal Heating Systems”, or “Air-Source Heat Pumps, Mini-Splits & Heat Pump Water Heaters” Workshops in association with HalfMoon Education, Inc., Sustainable Energy Outreach Network (SEON)  & with Greenfield Community College Workforce Development Program