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Energy Studies for Massachusetts & the Northeast

Bales Energy Associates in Greenfield, Massachusetts, provides energy studies and HVAC design to conserve energy for commercial and industrial clients.

Building, Energy Studies in Gill, MA

HVAC, Energy Studies in Gill, MA

Solar, Energy Studies in Gill, MA

Energy Studies & Analysis
Bales Energy Associates has experience and expertise in comprehensive facility energy surveys, audits, and feasibility studies for energy efficiency measures, combined heat and power (cogeneration) systems, solar electric, solar thermal, and wind power systems.

For New England utility energy efficiency incentive programs, BEA Principal Bart Bales provided building and facility energy analysis services and developed analysis methodologies for a wide variety of energy efficiency measures. Trainings on combustion fundamentals, boiler and burner controls, variable dead-band controls, and other technologies were also developed and provided.

Bales Energy Associates has developed and codified analysis methodologies for many energy efficiency improvement measures, developed and led trainings for energy auditors, and provided renewable resource evaluation for solar electric, solar thermal, and wind power applications.

HVAC Design
BEA's HVAC design experience includes steam boiler replacement, steam-to-hydronic distribution system conversion, condensing hydronic boilers, ventilation ductwork, hydronic piping design, heat recovery ventilation, temperature controls, ground-source heat pumps with heat exchangers and their related wells, and other technologies.

Bales Energy Associates has many years of experience in energy efficiency engineering, in commissioning oversight, and in the design and optimization of mechanical, HVAC and energy management systems. Design work has included high performance HVAC configurations incorporating hydronic distribution, heat recovery ventilation, dedicated outside air systems, gas-fired condensing boilers and furnaces, chillers, and digital controls. Past and current projects also included ground-source heat pump systems and related wells.

Electrical Systems Analysis
In addition to mechanical systems and building envelope-related efficiency technologies, Bales Energy Associates is well-versed in electrical efficiency measures, including lighting, lighting controls, high efficiency motors, variable speed drives, and other measures. Bales Energy Associates has developed and provided trainings on solar electric systems, solar thermal systems, day-lighting controls, and other lighting controls.

On-Site Power Generation and Power
Bales Energy Associates has evaluated operational improvements, energy savings, and feasibility for new and existing combined heat and power systems for campuses and hospitals for engine, microturbine, and steam turbine-based cogeneration systems. Bales Energy Associates has assessed wastewater methane utilization potential for heat and power production, and evaluated other wastewater treatment plant energy conservation measures.

BEA provided comprehensive feasibility studies for fuel cell applications for a community college, a school, a supermarket and an emergency relocation center. BEA also conducted a pre-commercial feasibility analysis for a proposed residential scale fuel cell system during its development phase.

Renewable Energy Studies & Design
Bales Energy Associates’ renewable energy experience includes solar and wind resource assessment, and solar electric and solar thermal system design.

BEA Principal Bart Bales has developed turnkey solar electric and solar hot water projects and has worked on numerous projects incorporating ground-source heat pump systems into new and existing buildings.

Watch this website for links for future Bales Energy Associates’  “High-Performance, Energy-Efficient, ‘Green’ Heating System Workshops”, ”Cold Climate Heat Pumps, Pellet Boilers & other Renewable Thermal Heating Systems”, or “Air-Source Heat Pumps, Mini-Splits & Heat Pump Water Heaters” Workshops in association with HalfMoon Education, Inc., Sustainable Energy Outreach Network (SEON)  & with Greenfield Community College Workforce Development Program